Freedom To
Build A Career

We have always been advocates of having the freedom to build a career that matters most to the individual, whether that be for a passion, a hobby, or financial gain. The first step is to take action, and with Agado, it's closer than ever.

Agado’s vision is to humanise the freelance market through software that fosters trust and delivers value.

We provide freelancers with the power to showcase their work and performance metrics with clients in order to communicate each freelancers value proposition in a easy and professional manner.

We have relentless curiosity to understand the needs of the freelancing community through all means of communication.

Finally, we foster trust between the freelancer and the client through software that makes both parties accountable and honest.

Agado is a tool dedicated to the freelancers across the world while staying true to it’s Nordic roots. Our values support freedom, equality, trust and open-mindedness. These are values we believe the freelance community needs in order to flourish.
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For Freelancers
By Freelancers

As freelancers ourselves, we know freedom hinges on the clients you have, or don’t have – yet. Therefore, the Agado freelancer tool not only helps you execute on your projects, but it also allows you to sell yourself to land new clients and even collaborate with clients to make their life easier.

Nicholas Schrøder

Nicholas is our oracle, our crystal ball gazer. He is the true medium between our product and users.

Marcus Wilstrup

Marcus is illest and the trillest. He defines, designs, implements, and maintains our platform.

Emil Glenting

Emil is our messiah. He is the man of the hour, king of the hill and captain of this spaceship.

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