A freelance tool
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An intuitive platform for collaborating with clients, delivering projects, building a portfolio and improving as a professional freelancer.


Agado keeps a professional profile on you, selling your persona and competences, by automatically pulling your portfolio and performance metrics.

You can chose to make your profile shareable and publicly accessible for companies (potential clients) and you can of course customize the profile to your liking.


Agado helps you create and send proposals to clients effortlessly. Include relevant elements like deliverables, pricing and deadlines so you are aligned right from the start.

The proposal can be approved with a one step signature or alterations can be requested in a direct chat. Once approved your proposal becomes an official contract that acts as a legal foundation for the work carried out. Ongoing additions from either side is considered out of the initial scope and has to be re-signed.


Streamline the way you work with Agado’s flexible project management interface that includes a variety of awesome workflow features:


Get insights across all aspects of your work with our personalized performance metrics. Set goals, track your progress and increase your value as a freelancer.

Performance metrics include:

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Everything you need to start your carreer
  • 1 Client
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Workflow
  • Contracts
  • Weekly-do
  • Goal Module
  • CV & Portfolio
  • Public Marketplace Profile
Scale as a freelancer
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Workflow
  • Contracts
  • Weekly-do
  • Goal Module
  • CV & Portfolio
  • Public Marketplace Profile

Why people love AgadoGreat user reviews

Keeps me in check!

As a communications consultant, Agado helps me keep track of all my tasks and keep my clients updated at all times.

Sophie Phillips

Even my clients love it

The proposal feature saves me AND my clients time and energy, which is a huge win for me.

Edward Dawson

The best essentials

So many freelancer tools try and do too much. Agado perfects the essentials for freelancers to actually get ahead.

Erica Hutchinson

A tool made for freelancers

You can tell this was made for freelancers. This makes my life and my clients life so much easier.

Sarah Connor

Our vision for freelancers isPassion and vocation with full autonomy