Set and acheive
freelance goals

Get insights across all aspects of your work with our personalized performance metrics. Set goals, track your progress and increase your value as a freelancer.

Gain insights on your performance

Agado’s performance metrics represent the most important metrics that effect your freelance career.

Your performance metrics are for your eyes only and are designed to help you improve as a freelancer.

Design your own freelance goals

Select what area you want to perform better in and set your own paramters.

You can track your progress towards your goal and you will be notified as you advance.

Metrics that matterStats Talk
For Themselves

Agado measures your performance so that you can learn about yourself and grow over time. You can also decide to include specific metrics on your profile to share with clients as evidence of how well you work.

Client Conversion
Know how many of your proposals turned into official contracts
Task Efficiency
See how effective you are at completing tasks on time
Profile Hits
See how many times your profile is viewed by clients
01234567890 Minutes
Response Rate
View how fast on average are you to respond to clients comments