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Personal Information
Display your photo, name, job title and email.

Describe why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Projects worked on in Agado are automatically uploaded to your profile or add previous work with drag and drop.

Performance Metrics
Pick relevant performance metrics that speak to your strengths.

Tracking Notifications
Receive notifications when your profile is viewed.

Direct Messaging
Potential clients can start a conversation with you directly through your profile page they access.

Request and add client referrals to your profile.

Use the pitch section to describe your approach to the project and set expectations.

Custom Deliverables
Create deliverables that specify timing and pricing.

Unique Client Link
Share your proposal to any client with a unique link where they can view and approve.

One Step Signature
Your clients can approve the proposal to make a contract in Agado with a legally binding online signature.

Tracking Notifications
Receive notifications when your proposal is viewed and signed.

Client Authentication
Your clients will confirm they are the rightful recipient.

Instant Direct Messaging
Your clients can communicate any proposal alterations to you directly.

Automated Project Creation
Automatically create projects from the approved proposal deliverables.

Status Updates 
Update the progress for each deliverable in the contract to communicate the essentials to your clients.

You or your clients can add new deliverables to the contract for re-approval if things change.

Quick Creation
Create a new task, project, proposal, goal or client at any time with just one click.

Client Overview
Access all your client history such as previous proposals, contracts and projects in one view.

Project Deadlines
Set start and due dates for projects and tasks so deadlines aren’t missed.

Hour Breakdown
Set estimated hours and update with hours spent.

Progress Indicator
See how far along you are with a project based off the amount of tasks and To Do’s completed.

Filter projects and tasks based on clients and progress status.

Upload and store important files related to each project.

Task Comment Field
Receive comments from clients and/or other freelancers for specific tasks.

Kanban View
Execute projects in an agile manner by moving projects with drop and drag through a pipeline until completed.

Cards View
Get an overview of all projects and see important details like number of tasks, estimated time and progress.

Timeline View
Visualize your workflow and deadlines in a timeline.

Check off your To Do’s in a prioritized list based off what is most pressing for the week ahead.

Get an overview of all performance metrics, goals and progress status.

Agado Performance Metrics
Agado will calculate and share important metrics that act as indicators for performance.

Use Agado’s KRESKO score as an indicator for your overall performance across all aspects of work.

Goal Setting
Set goals based off Agado’s performance metrics and/or create your own goals based off metrics that matter most you.

Progress Notifications
Receive notifications as you progress closer towards your goals.

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