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Putting people first through software that fosters trust. Agado’s purpose is to humanise the freelance market.

With more and more of us turning to freelancing and away from the nine-to-five, competition among freelancers is inevitably rising and unfortunately, unfair treatment is increasingly commonplace.

To counter this, Agado is designed to help freelancers stand out from the crowd and to foster working relationships built on trust.

Our company values stay true to our Nordic roots:

Open Mindedness

For Freelancers
by Freelancers

Agado was founded by Emil Glenting, Nicholas Schroder and Marcus Wilstrup.

As friends and fellow freelancers, we discussed current projects, future endeavours and of course the day-to-day grind. To help eachother, we shared tips and recommended different apps which made our lives a little easier.

Over time, we realised that the work-related solutions on the market were fundamentally not designed for freelancers. Whether it was project management software tools, productivity apps or freelance marketplaces (especially freelance marketplaces), the freelancer didn’t seem to be the true customer.

The saying, “the customer is always right” became increasingly ironic as it became clearer that our needs were not being met.

So, we decided we would take matters into our own hands and build a dedicated freelance tool. The aim of this tool is to create opportunities for freelancers to define, grow and share their value through collaboration with clients in a more optimal and most importantly, fairer way. We called it Agado.

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Our vision for freelancers isPassion and vocation with full autonomy